Privacy and Security - Saymatik Web3 Wallet

Saymatik Web3 Wallet is a decentralized crypto wallet designed to provide you with full control over your digital assets. As a decentralized wallet, we do not require a login or registration process, ensuring that your privacy is maintained.

Risk Statement
1. Decentralization: Being a decentralized wallet means that you are solely responsible for managing and safeguarding your private keys and digital assets. There is no central authority to recover or reset your wallet if you lose access.
2. Security: In our mobile app, you are responsible for your own security measures, such as protecting your device with strong passwords, enabling biometric authentication, and keeping your recovery phrases secure.
3. Transactions: Always double-check transaction details before confirming, as cryptocurrency transactions are irreversible. Ensure that you are sending funds to the correct address.
4. Phishing and Scams: Be cautious of phishing attempts and scams that impersonate our app or team. We will never ask for your private keys or recovery phrases.
5. Loss of Access: If you lose access to your wallet or forget your recovery phrases, we cannot assist in recovering your wallet or funds. Store your recovery phrases securely and consider creating multiple backups.
6. Regulatory Compliance: Cryptocurrency regulations vary by jurisdiction. It is your responsibility to comply with local laws and regulations related to cryptocurrency ownership and transactions.

No User Data Stored
Saymatik Web3 Wallet does not have a login or registration page, and we do not store any user data. Your privacy and anonymity are preserved as we do not collect or track any personal information.